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As an experienced professional painter in Sydney with over 10 years under my belt, I can tell you that the average paint cost per m2 in Australia ranges from $10 to $60. This typically includes minimal prep work, a single coat of undercoat, two finish coats of paint, and painting a single colour. However, that standard rate doesn’t tell the whole story. The specifics of each job dramatically impacts the final cost per square meter. Let me explain further…

Interior Painting Cost Per M2

The interior house painting cost per m2 in Australia can be as varied as the shades on a colour wheel. As I mentioned earlier, the standard $10 to $60 per m2 rate assumes pretty basic conditions—but no two painting jobs are created equal. From my years of experience, I’ve seen costs range from budget-friendly to downright shocking based on variables like wall condition, prep work, paint type, ceilings, and more.

A. Wall Condition

In my professional opinion, wall condition plays one of the biggest roles in interior painting costs. Flaking paint, cracks, stains, and uneven textures can add hours of tedious prep to get surfaces smoothed and primed before the first finish coat. Suddenly your $30 per m2 initial quote has bumped to $50 or beyond.

B. Ceiling Height

The height of your ceilings plays a massive role in determining painting costs per square meter.

For standard room ceiling heights around 2.4 meters, I can usually complete walls and ceilings in a single day, allowing me to keep labor costs down. My rate for simple rooms ends up averaging $25-35 per m2 including some basic prep work as well.

However, costs take a turn when dealing with high ceilings over 3 meters in height, which slow down painting application significantly. It’s not necessarily that the wall space increases, but that constantly working from ladders, extension poles, and scaffolding severely reduces daily productivity – yet my men still expect the same day rate!

I once bid a 4 meter high entryway as taking 2 painters 3 days to complete, while the client assumed it was a 1 day job. Those soaring decorative ceilings may give your home dramatic flair, but they wreak havoc on painting quotes by dragging out project timelines and ballooning our labor hours. When it comes to painting costs, having taller ceilings brings loftier prices!

That rule also applies to attic ceilings with tricky angles and slopes, which can feel like a maze for my painters to navigate around. Working around rafters, knee walls, and weird nooks drives down efficiency as well compared to rectangular areas. So attic bedrooms or converted bonus spaces with dynamic ceilings often fall on the higher end of project pricing too.

Simply put, standard ceiling heights keep bids down, while tall or uniquely shaped ceilings require more resources and swell painting costs per square meter.

C. Paint Type

The type of paint used is another sneaky factor that newbie painters often overlook when budgeting job costs. Sure, you can paint the kids’ rooms with basic acrylic enamel from the home improvement store for $15 per liter. But for the formal living room, you’ll probably want a durable, high-quality option like ceramic paint at $85 per liter. I always provide clients paint samples and pricing upfront so they understand how product choices impact overall project cost.

Exterior Painting Cost Per M2

Just like with interiors, you’ll find a wide spectrum of bids from house painters for outdoor work depending on factors like surface area, number of stories, ease of access, prep work, and more. But generally speaking, you can expect to pay $20 to $60 per square meter as a good rule of thumb.

On the lower end for simple single-story homes with vinyl siding in good shape, no fancy trims or accents, and easy ground-level access. On the pricier side for multi-story properties with weathered wood siding, peeling paint, lots of intricate trim detail, and high reaching areas. And everything in between!

From my long tenure as an exterior house painting specialist, one of the biggest cost factors is ease of access and the required equipment. Painting a ranch-style bungalow is far quicker than setting up scaffolding or lifts 2-stories up to paint a victorian. Complicated architecture also compounds pricing with all those nooks and crannies.

I also consider weathered surface conditions and the prep required. For example, pressure washing alone before priming can add $2 per m2 or more for mossy, grimy surfaces. Yet some new neighborhood homes need nothing beyond a quick clean before painting.

The exterior paint type you choose makes a sizeable impact on overall project cost as well. While basic acrylic finishes run $20-40 per liter, premium weather-resistant brands like Dulux Weathershield can hit $100 per liter. I always tell homeowners that spending a bit more on paint now saves money over years of fade and peel resistance.

Geography and regional climate play a role too. Coastal homes battling salt air require more preparation and maintenance than inland. And rural properties on large lots or acreages also factor transport costs, equipment hauling fees, per diem rates if overnight stays are required. An outback station can command nearly double the per square meter price of a suburban bungalow.

Now to recap typical exterior painting rates across common home styles here in Australia:

  • Single story suburban homes with easy access: $15-30 per m2
  • Two-story houses requiring some equipment: $20-35 per m2
  • Country homes on acreages with transport fees: $30-50+ per m2
  • Multi-level intricate heritage buildings: $40+ per m2

I know it still seems like a huge swing, but you start getting a feel for reasonable quotes once you understand what goes into pricing.

Roof Painting Cost Per M2

Whether it’s tile, corrugated iron, shingles, or specialty coverings—a roof restoration adds an extra layer of complexity with steep pitches, height safety demands, and weatherproofing considerations. You can expect to pay $15 to $45+ per square meter.

On simpler single-story tin roofs without intricate detailing, costs often run $15 to $25 per m2. Think basic carports, shed roofs, patio covers. Contrast that with luxury multilevel tiled roofs hitting $35 to $45+ per m2. We’re talking big Victorian mansions, Italianate estates, and fancy federation homes with decorative ridgelines or finials.

From my years working atop countless roofs, key pricing factors include ease of access, intricacy of detail work, number of layers being applied, and specialty waterproofing needs among others. Simply reach the peak on extension ladders versus hauling heavy scaffolding already bumps the m2 rate.

I also consider the roofing material itself during quotes. For example, time-intensive reglazing and repointing of terracotta tile roofs drive prices higher compared to straight repaints. And steep skillset-specific surfaces like slate require a true specialist that commands premium pricing.

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