The Complete Pricing Guide for Painting Gutters, Fascias, Soffits, and More!

Thinking of revamping your home’s exterior with a fresh coat of paint? As an experienced house painter in Sydney, I know this is one of the most cost-effective ways to give your place an incredible facelift. However, many homeowners get sticker shock when they start pricing out the job. You’re typically looking at $10-$15 per linear meter for gutters, fascia boards, and eaves.

While the exact rates can vary, most reputable painters providing proper preparation and quality materials will fall within these rough square meter pricing ranges for an exterior paint job.

Painting these areas also adds a layer of protection, guarding against rot, mould, and other nasties that can wreak havoc on your home’s structure. So, if you’re considering giving your fascia, gutters, soffits, and eaves a makeover, stick around as we break down the costs and considerations. Let’s get painting!

Cost of Painting Gutters, Fascia Boards and Eaves

For a typical house exterior that requires basic preparation, has easy access not needing scaffolding, and will be painted in two coats of neutral colours, you can use these rates as a general guide for painting the gutters: $10-$15 per linear meter.

This pricing guideline includes labour only – the full works of cleaning and degreasing the gutters, any basic repairs needed, two complete topcoats of quality exterior paint in neutral tones, and any typical sundry items required.

It’s important to note that these are just estimated ballpark figures to help with initial budgeting. The actual quote could certainly go up or down depending on the specific conditions and any additional work scope.

For example, if the gutters are in particularly poor shape and require more extensive repairs or partial replacements, that’s going to add to the bottom line. Likewise, if specialised equipment like scaffolding or lifts are required for safe access, those rental costs will be factored in.

And of course, any customisation beyond just neutral tones – whether using higher-end paints, adding accent colours, etc. – will impact the final pricing. But for a straightforward repaint of existing gutters in decent condition using contractor-grade materials, $10-$15 per linear meter is a reasonable guide to start from.

The main point is to get an official, all-inclusive quote that breaks down every component of the job. That’s the only way to get an accurate, apples-to-apples estimate with no surprises. As an experienced pro, I always aim to provide that transparent upfront pricing to my clients. Let me know if any other questions come up!

Benefits of Painting Gutters and Fascia Together

I always advise my clients to simultaneously bundle the fascia painting with the gutters. There are a couple of big benefits to this approach. 

  1. Number one, the fascias and gutters face the exact same weather extremes over the years, so they tend to deteriorate at similar rates. Hitting them both in one go makes logical sense. 
  2. And number two, there are labour savings to streamline the job and efficiently work that entire roofline area.

As for the breakdown, usually about one-third of that total cost is materials – the paint, caulking, sundries, you know the drill. The other two-thirds is labour. But that ratio can shift depending on the paint quantities for a larger home, how much repair work is involved, and just how much time my crew needs for things like setup, masking, working at heights, and so on. Every job’s a bit unique, y’know?

The main takeaway is that bundling the fascia and gutter painting upfront is definitely the smarter, more efficient approach over doing them piecemeal. You get better coordination, consistent looks, and more bang for your buck in the long run. Just my two cents as a veteran painter! 

Is it cheaper to paint gutters or replace them?

It is usually cheaper to paint existing gutters rather than completely replace them, provided the gutters are still in decent structural condition.

So for an average-sized home with, say, 40 linear meters of guttering, painting could cost $600-$800, while full gutter replacement may run $2000-$3,000 or more.

Do painters remove gutters when painting?

Generally speaking, most professional painters do not remove gutters when painting a house exterior. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. It adds significant time and labour costs. Removing all gutters prior to painting would double the workload and require reinstallation afterwards. This results in higher prices for the homeowner.
  2. It risks damaging the gutters, fascia boards, and surrounding areas. Unless done very carefully, removing gutters can accidentally bend or warp them. And the fascia board edges often get nicked or cracked when gutters are pried loose.
  3. Painting around gutters is standard procedure. Experienced exterior painters are accustomed to working around existing gutters. They use masks and drop cloths to protect nearby areas from drips or overspray. No need to take them down.
  4. Spot removal of problematic sections is sufficient. For smaller sections that prove difficult to paint properly, painters may detach and reattach those areas as needed. But full gutter removal is rarely necessary.

The few exceptions would be if the gutters themselves are being replaced or if they are extremely clogged with debris and require emptying. Barring issues like that, keeping them in place makes the most sense for efficiency, cost, safety, and convenience reasons. Proper prep work to tape off nearby surfaces prevents paint getting where it shouldn’t. So full gutter removal during exterior painting is very rarely done.

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