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  1. Interior Painting in Sydney
  2. Free Quote within 24 hours (Sydney metro only*)
  3. Meticulous prep, including fixing cracks/holes
  4. 2-year workmanship warranty
  5. FREE consultation for colour matching
  6. Home interior protected with drop sheets
  7. Book before 14-Jul-2024 and get 10% off your total quote! 

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orange tick mark Do you cringe when you think about choosing the wrong paint colour for your walls—one that you’ll hate looking at in just a few short months?

orange tick mark Are you tired of confusing painter quotes full of fine print exceptions and exclusions?

orange tick mark Have you been longing to give your interior a stylish, modern lift with fresh new colours, but don’t know where to start?

What if we told you there’s now a simpler way?

Introducing Painters Parramatta – Sydney’s top-rated interior painters.

With our seamless process, modern colour consultation, upfront pricing, and guaranteed results, you can finally transform your home into a stylish oasis you’ll enjoy for years.

Interior Painters Sydney

Why Choose Us?

Free In-Home Quote (value $99, yours free)

Book a zero-obligation visit from one of our interior painting pros and receive a detailed custom quote within 24 hours. We'll walk through your space, ask about your goals, identify any special prep work, and provide an accurate upfront price based on our 10+ years of experience.

Free Colours Consult (value $149, yours free)

Get a free customised colour consultation with every paint job. Our pro house painter in Sydney will visit your rooms pre-paint, get to know your vision, assess lighting and furnishings, and flawlessly match colours to personalities and spaces.

2-year Painting Warranty

Transform your home with confidence and peace of mind. Our 2-year Painting Warranty covers workmanship, surface preparation, paint quality, and compliance with industry standards. If any issues arise, we'll promptly address them to your satisfaction. Choose us for exceptional results and a worry-free experience. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

On-Time, On-Budget Excellence

We've fine-tuned our ability to accurately quote and stick to the timelines precisely. You’ll never encounter unexpected charges or lagging timelines, when you hire us.

We also offer 'Flexible Scheduling' to minimise disruption. Whether you prefer weekends, evenings, or specific weekdays, we adjust our schedule to suit your needs.

Spotless Post-Paint Rooms

We close out every job by thoroughly tidying up our workspace out of sight and out of mind so you can enjoy the reveal. Our crews meticulously vacuum, dispose of materials properly offsite, remove protective layers, and clean the area until it’s spic and span once more.

Meticulous Precision

Our seasoned Sydney painters meticulously prep each surface, guide brushes with steady hands, maintain clean barriers, and apply premium paints with smooth uniformity.

It's about noticing the small things that others might overlook - the tiny crack that needs filling before painting, the subtle colour variations that can affect the final look, or the way light interacts with different paint finishes.

Our Work

Indoor Painting Projects


Local Sydney Painters

Parramatta Painters is a trusted local painting company serving homeowners in Sydney. Led by expert painters Ibby and Ado, our skilled team leverages over 12 years of combined experience transforming 1000+ homes across Sydney.

Established in 2011 right here in Parramatta, we take pride in being a reliable part of this vibrant community. Our mission is simple: provide exceptional service and flawless results to every homeowner. We’re honored that word-of-mouth referrals from happy local clients continue fueling our growth.

Sydney, NSW

Home Painting Reviews

Scarlett Astley Carlingford, NSW

Ibby was on time, very professional, and he knew his stuff.
He prepped the job well and paid a lot of attention to detail in his work.
I highly recommend him and will definitely hire him again 😊. Thanks!"

George Musgrove Epping, NSW

My experience was really positive. Our communication was great, and
he was very clear about the scope of work and how much time it would take.
If I ever need help again, I'll definitely reach out to him.

Connor Oxenham North Parramatta, NSW

Ibby and his mate did an outstanding job, and I highly recommend their services.

Will Tindal Ermington, NSW

I'm happy with my decision to go with Ibby and his team.
They were incredibly professional, punctual, and did an outstanding job painting my small home.
I'll definitely be singing their praises to my family and friends 😊.

Imogen Simos Carlingford, NSW

Ibby did a great job! Patching up and painting my skirting boards,
as well as putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls in my one-bedroom apartment.
He was patient, easy to communicate with. Had good attention to detail!
Even offered to patch up certain areas to make the place look even more finished.

Laura Goll Dundas, NSW

Painted my small apartment walls and ceiling, both did a great job! Don't hesitate to hire them.

Hayley Embling Beecroft, NSW

Ibby did an excellent job painting our window architraves.
He worked quickly and efficiently, ensuring a neat finish while filling gaps and applying the paint.
There were no paint drops left behind, and he even took care of the cleanup afterward. I highly recommend his services.

Harry Dobson Lidcombe, NSW

Painting a 2 bedroom house, they did a great job with excellent attention to detail.
Really happy with how it turned out. I would definitely recommend them.

Oliver Gleadow Granville, NSW

Painted my 3 BR townhouse walls, and it was an amazing and fantastic job!
They were committed, dedicated, and excellent with time management. I'm really pleased with the outcome.
I 1000% recommend them to anyone looking to get their home painted. Keep up the good work!

Lauren Hervey Eastwood, NSW

Exceptional job painting my house, including a stunning feature wall.

Natasha Kellow Northmead, NSW

Ibby is not only friendly and kind but also an incredibly skilled painter.
If you're looking for top-notch painting services, I highly recommend hiring Lin. It's a 5+ star experience!

Justin Deen Wentworthville, NSW

Ibby is like a breath of fresh air. He not only arrived early but also finished the job efficiently and ahead of schedule.
Everything was left clean and tidy. What's even better, he didn't charge extra for the paint!
He's now my go-to for all painting jobs I need!

Amelia Pinnock Epping, NSW

Ibby's team was fantastic.
They arrived on time maintained excellent communication and delivered outstanding results!

Residential and Commercial Painting Services Sydney

For over a decade, we’ve perfected our prep-to-finish painting process while transforming everything from family homes to corporate offices across 1000+ Sydney projects.

Our all-star crew brings specialized experience revitalising:

  • Single-Family Properties
  • Townhouses & Apartments
  • Retail Spaces & Salons
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Professional Offices
  • Medical & Dental Clinics

Whether refreshing your residence with an on-trend colour scheme or renovating your shop with sleek branding hues, our residential and commercial painters get the job done right. Discover the difference of hiring true paint professionals today.

Residential Painters

Transform your abode – be it an apartment, house, townhouse, or duplex – with our specialised residential painting services.

Commercial Painters

As your trusted Sydney painting contractor, we provide services to a diverse spectrum of commercial clientele, encompassing entities such as offices, medical centres, retail outlets, educational institutions, industrial setups, eateries, daycare centres, religious establishments, and storage houses.

STRATA Painters

Our team adeptly handles an expansive variety of strata painting assignments. This includes everything from apartment buildings and residential units to townhouse complexes, strata residential estates, and warehouse unit buildings.


Walls Painting

Interior doors painting



Garage Doors




Skirting Boards

Gutters, Fascia and Eaves

Interior Painting Process

How it works?

1. FREE Personalised Quote

Request an easy online quote or call now to book your FREE in-person quote today! 

Whether refreshing a few rooms or undergoing a whole-home transformation, we make quoting your unique project simple and zero-commitment.

2. Colour Consultation

Our seasoned painting professionals offer their expertise in choosing the right finish and shade during the quote or before starting the painting job. Together, we'll explore the perfect paint shades and finishes - be it matte or glossy - tailored for every room. 

3. Surface Preparation

Our painters prepare each room by patching imperfections, applying primer where needed, and protecting furnishings with drop cloths and painters tape. Walls are prepped for flawless, splatter-free application from start to finish.

4. Paint

Whether painting walls, ceilings, trim, doors, windows, or built-ins, our crew apply the single or multiple coats for smooth, consistent outcomes.

5. Post-painting Clean-Up

Ensure all covers and dropsheets are removed and any accidental paint splatters or dribbles are promptly cleaned up. All of our painting professionals adhere to a meticulous clean-up routine, ensuring a pristine, paint-free living area once the job is complete.

6. Final Walkthrough

Together, we'll explore the newly transformed spaces in your home to make certain every detail meets your expectations. If there are any minor adjustments to be made, rest assured, we're committed to perfecting those finishing touches.

2-year Workmanship Warranty

Count on our unwavering commitment to excellence with our inclusive 2-year workmanship warranty, covering every facet of our painting service:

  1. Craftsmanship Assurance: Impeccable precision and attention to detail define our painting work, ensuring a finish that exceeds expectations.
  2. Surface Preparation Excellence: Dedicated to perfection, our team meticulously readies surfaces, guaranteeing a flawlessly smooth and enduring result.
  3. Premium Paint Quality: Benefit from the finest paints and materials, accompanied by the manufacturer’s paint warranty, ensuring lasting color consistency and uniformity.
  4. Industry Compliance: We uphold industry standards and best practices, going above and beyond to meet or surpass your every expectation.

Encounter an issue within our warranty? A simple reach-out is all it takes. We’re committed to swift action, whether it involves repairs, repainting, or an alternative remedy, ensuring your satisfaction remains our top priority.  (*Conditions applied)

2 year warranty


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of interior painting in Sydney can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Surface Area: The more area you have to cover, the higher the cost.
  • Paint Product: The type and brand of paint can affect the price.
  • Preparation Work: If extensive prep work is required, it may increase the cost.
  • Ceiling Height: Higher ceilings may require special equipment and more time, which can impact the cost.
  • Colours: Using multiple colors or intricate colour schemes may increase the cost.

On average, you can expect to pay around $1,500 to $3,000 for a 1-bedroom apartment or unit. For a 2-bedroom apartment or unit, the cost may range from $2,500 to $5,000.

For a house, the cost of internal painting can vary greatly depending on the number of rooms, the size of the house, and the overall complexity of the job. A rough estimate would be around $3,000 to $6,000 for a small to medium-sized house with 3-4 bedrooms.

It is important to note that these are ballpark figures and the actual cost may differ based on individual quotes and specific requirements. It is recommended to contact professional painters in Sydney to get an accurate quote for your specific project.

Absolutely. Inside painting is a worthwhile investment for several reasons:

  1. Aesthetic Upgrade: Fresh paint can transform and modernize the look of any room, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

  2. Property Value: Well-maintained interiors contribute to the overall value of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers or renters.

  3. Mood and Atmosphere: Colors have a significant impact on mood. A well-chosen palette can create a positive and inviting atmosphere, tailored to your preferences.

  4. Protection: Quality paint not only beautifies but also acts as a protective barrier against wear, tear, and environmental factors, extending the life of your walls.

  5. Personalisation: It’s an opportunity to personalise your living space, reflecting your style and creating a home that feels uniquely yours.

Considering these benefits, interior painting is not just an expense; it’s an investment in the comfort, value, and aesthetics of your living space.

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