Strata Painting Services Sydney

Hire Strata Painters in Sydney and Add Years of Life to Your Managed Properties!

  • Are you struggling with a tired, worn strata property suffering from years of wear and tear?
  • Does lacklustre paint severely diminish your asset’s appeal, driving away potential buyers and renters despite price cuts?
  • You’ve tried quick paint touch-ups and cheap contractors with no lasting effects!

What’s worse – without routine maintenance painting, severe structural deterioration can set in from unchecked moisture, moulds, pests, and pollutants. You may then face corrosion, rotting supports, or runaway rehab costs.

What if there was an affordable way to restore your faded strata's aesthetic appeal, protect asset value, and keep residents happy - without blowing your budget?

The good news! There’s no need to tolerate preventable maintenance headaches or residents’ complaints. Painters Parramatta deeply understands the frustrations of managing weathered buildings.

With over 12 years of experience transforming hundreds of strata properties across Sydney, Ibby brings unparalleled expertise in long-lasting paint applications tailored to your building’s unique needs.

We offer affordable strata painting services focused on restoring the look, livability and safety of strata properties over the long term. Our expert teams leverage specialised techniques to enhance safety, livability and code compliance.

See a stunning facelift in weeks not months through our streamlined process. Our Sydney strata painting services will:

  • Structurally Reinforce Surfaces
  • Apply Long-Lasting Paints
  • Carefully Work Around Residents
  • Handle all Licensing and Compliance 

Give your portfolio and residents the facelift they deserve while protecting your property portfolio– all catered to your budget.

  1. 2-Year Workmanship Warranty – Relax knowing all paintwork is guaranteed for years so your revitalized building continues looking pristine no matter what.
  2. Free Quotes Sydney-wide – No obligation assessments of your strata’s specific needs
  3. Over 12 Years Refreshing Tired Strata Assets – Proprietary techniques breathe life into buildings
  4. Apartments, Units, Townhouses, Estates – We handle exteriors and interiors of all strata properties
  5. Clubhouses, Common Spaces – Give shared resident areas a stunning facelift
  6. Post-Paint Clean Up – We handle the mess so you enjoy pristine finished spaces
  7. Flexible Booking – Schedule around your strata’s needs and constraints
  8. Timely Project Completion – We work efficiently with minimal resident impact

Contact us today to reclaim your buildings – and add years of easy upkeep through proactive care. Our industrial painters revitalise properties fast, so you can start enjoying renewed curb appeal and asset protection immediately.

Our multi-phase process goes beyond cosmetic touch-ups to extend the life of your property’s “skin” for years, not months.

2-Year Workmanship Warranty

  1. Built to Last
    Our meticulous, multi-step preparation sets the stage for long-lasting results. We clean, prime, sand, and treat every surface with care before the first brushstroke. Only then do we apply top-shelf paints guaranteed to impress for years on end.Exceptional surface preparation, ensuring the longevity of our work by thorough cleaning, priming, and sanding.
  2. Flawless, Uniform Finishes
    Consistency is key, especially for commercial spaces. Our commercial painters deliver stunningly smooth, seamless coats designed to visually expand your environment. You’ll be amazed at the transformation.
  3. By the Book
    We follow rigorous industry best practices so you don’t have to worry about subpar workmanship behind the scenes. Our commitment to quality shows in every painter we dispatch.
  4. Compliance with industry-leading best practices, meeting the highest standards in our field.

If anything falls short of your expectations, we’ll make things right. Just contact us to start the process. Repainting, repairing issues, finding solutions – whatever you need. We stand behind our promises so you can feel at ease. (*Conditions applied)


Our hands-on expertise comes from thousands of successful projects revitalizing apartments, townhouses, clubs, and estates. We know first-hand how to balance aesthetic upgrades with practical maintenance, resident experience, safety standards, and strata committee budgets.

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