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Attract more customers or tenants and boost your property value with our high-impact commercial painting services in Sydney!

  • Feeling swamped with juggling the chaos of painting tasks while running your business?
  • Do you fear that the worn-out paint is turning away potential customers or tenants?
  • Is the shabby look of your property causing you to lose business opportunities and rental income?

We understand your predicament, and we’re here to offer a solution that will transform your commercial property into a welcoming, attractive space that draws in customers or tenants and increases your property’s overall value. Say goodbye to faded paint and missed opportunities, and say hello to a vibrant, revitalised property that makes a lasting impression.

Commercial Painting Contractors Who Have Done It All!

We are a team of commercial painting contractors in Sydney, led by Ibby, with over 7 years of experience transforming commercial properties just like yours.

  • We’ve been there, understanding the frustration of maintaining a presentable space while juggling other responsibilities.
  • Our team’s expertise and dedication have consistently delivered remarkable results, ensuring your property stands out in Sydney’s competitive market.
  • We are not just commercial or strata painters; we are problem solvers, ready to revitalise your commercial property and help you achieve your goals.
  • Our tailored approach, attention to detail, and unmatched dedication are what set us apart, making us the go-to choice for commercial painting services in Sydney.

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Types of Commercial Properties We Paint

A. Offices
In offices, we pay close attention to creating a colour scheme that fosters a productive atmosphere. Our experienced team ensures that meeting rooms exude professionalism, while open workspaces have colours that boost creativity and focus.

B. Medical Centres
Healthcare facilities require special consideration, given the need for cleanliness and a calming environment. We use hygienic paints and soothing colours to create a space where patients feel at ease, aiding in their recovery.

C. Retail Stores
For retail stores, we understand the importance of brand identity. Our precise colour matching and attention to detail help businesses maintain a consistent look across all their locations, reinforcing their brand in customers’ minds.

D. Schools
In educational settings, we focus on creating an environment that stimulates young minds. Bright, cheerful colours in classrooms and hallways can positively influence student engagement and performance.

E. Factories
Industrial facilities benefit from our expertise in protective coatings. We apply paints that resist corrosion, withstand harsh conditions, and improve safety with high-visibility markings.

F. Restaurants
In the restaurant industry, ambiance is key to attracting and retaining customers. We work with restaurant owners to choose colours that suit their concept, from warm and cosy to modern and chic, creating the desired dining experience.

G. Childcare Facilities
Safety is a top priority in childcare centers. Our use of non-toxic, low-VOC paints ensures that children can explore their creative side without exposure to harmful chemicals.

H. Churches
For places of worship, we offer a range of decorative painting options. From restoring historical details to creating serene, contemporary designs, we enhance the spiritual atmosphere of churches.

I. Warehouses
Warehouses benefit from our practical approach. We apply coatings that protect against rust and corrosion, ensuring the longevity of the facility. Safety line markings and reflective paints also enhance worker safety and operational efficiency.

Each property type comes with its unique challenges and requirements, and our team has the expertise to address them effectively, providing tailored painting solutions for various commercial properties.


2-Year Workmanship Warranty

Our promise of excellence isn’t just in words. We guarantee:

  1. Precise adherence to your specified requirements for a truly customised and satisfying finish.
  2. Exceptional surface preparation, ensuring the longevity of our work by thorough cleaning, priming, and sanding.
  3. Top-tier quality paint and materials for a stunning visual appeal that stands the test of time.
  4. Consistency and uniformity in paint finish that’s pleasing to the eye, ensuring a professional look for your commercial space.
  5. Compliance with industry-leading best practices, meeting the highest standards in our field.

Should you ever come across a warranty-covered problem, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to promptly resolve any issues, whether it’s through repairs, repainting, or finding a suitable remedy. Your satisfaction remains our top priority. (*Conditions applied)

Recent Commercial Projects

Minimial Business Disruptions

To ensure that painting work doesn’t interfere with your day to day operations, we employ strategies such as the following:

  1. Scheduling: We can schedule the painting work for after-hours, weekends, or holidays when our business operations are minimal or shut down.

  2. Phased Completion: We divide the project into different phases, focusing on one section of the building/office at a time to reduce interference with our business operations.

  3. Planning: We engage in detailed planning to minimise disruptions. This includes clearly marking work areas and defining paths to avoid disturbing your employees.

  4. Communication: We maintain regular communication with your designated contact person to ensure that any changes can be adjusted quickly, reducing downtime or business interruption.

  5. Neat and Tidy Work Environment: We prioritise maintaining cleanliness during and after the job to prevent any negative impact on our business operations.

Remember, every commercial painter may have different strategies, so it’s essential to discuss your specific needs and expectations before making a hiring decision.”

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