A Realistic Guide to 2 Bedroom House Painting Costs

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“What’ll it cost to paint this place?” – It’s a question I’ve answered hundreds of times over the years for folks sprucing up their beloved 2 bedroom homes. After quoting more jobs than I can count as a professional house painter in Sydney for over 10 years, I’ve broken it down to a science.

If you just want some colour revived on those dreary old walls of your single or double story 2 bedroom house, plan on investing anywhere from $1,800 to $4,000. I know, that’s quite the range! But helping create fresh interiors is as much art as science given the number of variables involved.

The wall space is the biggest factor driving cost differences. As in, how many walls do you actually want painted? And remember – that range is strictly for putting two quality coats on the wall surfaces alone. No trims, ceilings or fancy accents included in my estimate…I’ve learned to start simple with clients and add those nice-to-haves as the vision comes together.

Now before your head starts spinning on costs, let me share the secrets to making every hard earned dollar count when painting. It all comes down to prep in my book (and a decade of experience that backs me up!). Allow me to explain further as we dive into the method behind refreshing your home with a brush and roller…

Cost to Paint Interior of 2 Bedroom House

Stretching Your Paint Budget Room by Room


With ample wall space, expect around 50% of your total paint outlay invested here. In my experience, about 10-12 square meters of wall space is pretty standard. This allows room for a queen bed, side tables, and a dresser or two without things getting too cramped. If you’re working with a more spacious master suite or squeezing in a twin bed setup, you can scale my estimate up or down accordingly.

The big variable with bedrooms is how much furniture and decorative flair needs working around. If I’ve got to navigate a bunch of knick knacks on cluttered walls, that slows down painting and can add to cost. But if we clear things out ahead of time, I can breeze through the room without hassle. 

My tip? Have a cleanout before calling a painter so there’s less obstruction. You’ll complete the job faster and ultimately spend less out of pocket.

Regarding paint selection, I always recommend a durable interior enamel for bedrooms. It stands up to wear and tear better than flat finishes. Plus, it’s easily wipeable, which comes in handy around bedheads! I’d be happy to guide you through an array of quality colour options that suit the mood you’re going for.


You can expect to spend about 15% – 20% of the total $1,800 to $4,000 interior painting budget on these spaces. I’ve picked up some insider strategies that save both money and effort:

  1. My number one tip is tackling accent walls separately from main coats. By budgeting labour and materials strictly for an accent wall rather than the entire room, you optimize spending on these visual focal points. We apply quality primer and paint only where it counts most.
  2. For DIYers, limiting your colour selection also decreases costs. Stick with one bold accent wall versus multiple loud tones competing for attention. And cut down on paint volume by avoiding dark hues that require extra coats.
  3. Now in hallways, creating a cohesive look while saving on paint is all about strategic color placement. Use lighter shades in high traffic zones near outside entrances where scuffs show. Deeper colors work best only at bedroom hallway openings where less wear occurs. Minimizing the dark paint quantity needed saves you dollars.
  4. And here’s a bonus insider tip – forgo painting hallways altogether by wallpapering instead! The material cost is comparable, but it creates more visual impact when stretched vertically across a narrow hall. That creative touch masks imperfect walls rather than requiring heavy prep.


Now, let’s talk about one of the trickier rooms to paint – the bathroom. Between all the moisture, lack of ventilation, and various appliances and fixtures, bathrooms require extra care and attention compared to standard bedrooms.

Confining colour above the shower tile line maximizes the 15% -20 % invested for this humidity-prone room.

I define a standard bath as around 5 – 7 square meters – enough room for a tub/shower combo, vanity, and toilet without things getting too cramped. The wide range in price comes down to factors like whether tiling needs working around if I’ll be painting the ceiling, and how much prep is required.

Here’s an inside tipmake sure your bathroom is properly ventilated before calling a painter. Eliminate any moisture damage on walls and ceilings ahead of time. This prevents from discovering issues halfway through the job and tacking on extra repair fees. It also ensures the new paint job lasts without bubbling or peeling.


Limiting cabinet and appliance masking during painting keeps the 10% – 15% allocated here under control.

Kitchens require more prep work than basic bedrooms before I ever uncork the paint. That’s hours of labour masking off countertops, cabinets, and appliances beforehand. 

My secret for saving clients money? Be ruthless in limiting what gets covered up. Think smart about removing items that can be quickly stashed rather than masked. Only keep the essentials shielded.

For example, clear out small appliances and decor from countertops completely rather than going through tedious painter’s tape hassle. Same goes for unhanging specialty racks – it’s cheaper to temporarily dismount than work around. Evaluate which cabinets really need shielding versus just cutting in freehand. Getting creative with clearing clutter first makes all the difference.

The other big area clients try to cut corners is on the paint itself. But don’t sacrifice quality to save a few bucks or you’ll pay for it later through premature cracking and yellowing. Kitchens need durable finishes that withstand heat, grease and daily wear-and-tear over flat wall paints.

Bonus tip! Consider semi-gloss finishes that withstand grease near cooking areas.

How Much Paint Do I Need to Paint a 2 Bedroom House?

Here are my tips as a professional painter on estimating the total litres of paint needed for interior walls in a 2 bedroom house

For a standard sized 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with about 80-100 square metres of total wall space on a single story, you should prepare to purchase:

  • 18-22 litres of quality interior paint if covering bedroom, living room and hallway walls in a light neutral colour. This allows for 2 full coats on every wall surface.
  • Add 2-4 extra litres if painting medium or deep-tone walls that may require an additional coat for even coverage. Deep reds and browns soak up more.
  • Tack on 4 more litres if refreshing wall paint in the kitchen and bathroom as well to account for their confined wall space needing more coats to mask imperfections.

So in total, for walls throughout a 1-story, 2-bedroom house, have at least 24-30 litres of interior paint on hand.

Up that to 36 litres for dark or multi-color schemes requiring extra coats.

And remember – those estimates are strictly for wall surfaces. You’ll need more if painting ceilings, trims and doors in the process.

How Long Does It Take To Paint a Two Bedroom House?

Here’s an estimate as a professional house painter on how long it will take to transform the interiors of a standard 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom single story home:

  1. For a quality paint refresh of all wall surfaces throughout the entire house – bedrooms, living spaces, kitchen and hallways – you should plan for 1 full week of work by an experienced 2 person crew. 
  2. That allows 2 days upfront for proper prep work – filling holes, sanding down imperfections, masking trims and floors to protect from splatter. We then have 4 additional days for 2 full coats of durable acrylic latex paint followed by meticulous cleanup.
  3. If wanting to paint beyond walls to also refresh ceilings, doors, trims and closets, add on 2-3 extra days. That gives adequate dry time between coats instead of oversaturating fresh paint.

I know it feels disruptive having workers in your home for days. But I promise an experienced team moves efficiently from room to room to transform your tight interior within 1-2 weeks. We isolate work zones, communicate clearly, and respect your family’s space by cleaning up after ourselves each day.

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